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The Name a Star ™ unique and personalized star name gift packages start as low as $28.95 with FREE same day or next business day eDelivery!

Certificates from Name a Star ™ are now available in:

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Choose Your Own Star Name

Choose Your Own Star Name - Where you can buy the Name a Star Gift Package™ in which you can name a star in honor of someone for as low as $28.95!

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Looking for a unique, personalized gift? Give a star a name for someone! Don't let this opportunity to immortalize a loved one pass you by! Buy the Name a Star Gift Package™ for that someone special now! When you buy the Name a Star Gift Package™ you are buying the perfect gift for all occasions that will be remembered with each glance at the stars.

Not sure which Name a Star™ Package to give? Name a Star™ now offers Gift Certificates for any Name a Star™ Package. The lucky recipient can name their own star and even upgrade to a Name a Star™ Package of greater value and just pay the difference.

Illuminate a special moment or a special person by giving one of our Name a Star Gift Packages™

Name a Star ™ now offers SEVEN star naming gift packages in EIGHT LANGUAGES, any of which may be given as a Memorial Star:

Name a Star gifts
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You can even customize the star certificate with a personal message or tribute!

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The Name a Star ™ personalized service makes it very easy to buy a star named after a special person, occasion or event. Name a Star, the original star naming service®, has been helping customers purchase and register star names since 1978. At Name a Star ™ w e guarantee customer satisfaction and have a reputation for reliable service. For your peace of mind Name a Star ™ has a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Give a star a name and dedicated it to the star of your life, a special person, a special memory or to commemorate a special occasion or special event.

The Name a Star Memorial Star Certificate is truly a touching and loving gift that can be given in memory of a loved one.

The Name a Star Tribute Line on each Name a Star ™ Certificate of Registration makes this a wonderful gift that will be remembered with each glance at the stars.

Show you really care and buy from Name a Star - The original star naming service - Since 1978®.

You can buy a Name a Star ™ gift and present it to friends, relatives or loved one as a birthday gift (see the recipe below submitted by a happy a customer), wedding gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, retirement gift, a romantic gift idea, a Valentine's Day gift, the perfect Christmas gift or many, many other occasions, achievements or events!

Women LOVE the Name a Star ™ gift as a Mother's Day gift, a romantic Valentine's Day gift, an anniversary gift, a birthdays gift and many other occasions. You can buy and present a star named in honor of your Mother for Mother’s Day, her birthday or other special occasion.

You can buy and present a star named for your Father for Father’s Day, his birthday or any other special occasion.

What could be a more memorable gift to buy and present ing the gift of a star named for a loved one, someone special or in honor of a holiday, achievement, special occasion or to show your appreciation.

For more information regarding buy ing a star name, contact Name a Star ™ or refer to the Star Naming FAQs.

Here are just a few reasons our customers think Name a Star™ is the
a great gift and why we are the best star naming service to order from:

R Clark writes:
Here is a wonderful recipe, tried and tested, for guys who do not like to cook on their wife's birthday. Combine the following ingredients; A beautiful wife, a Jazz Duo, a great wine (optional), a 7 course dinner at a fine dining establishment along a lake at sunset, dessert for two brought to the table with one candle. Top off combined ingredients with the gift of a star [name] from Name a Star. This recipe, exactly followed, will be enjoyed by all, including wait staff, and will become one of the most memorable moments in their lives. I guarantee it!

Mat B. writes


Awesome certificate! Came out 100 times better than expected.  Printed beautifully!  I referred to the below suggested sites to view the star and Google Earth generated a very beautiful picture of my Fiance's star!

I have no doubt, when I give this to her she'll freak out!

Thanks Tonya & Name A Star!  Really appreciate it!

Kindest Regards


Julian writes:
hola, Tonya!!
No se si me entiendes al escribirte en castellano, pero te escribo para agradecerte tu gran eficacia y buen trato. Estoy encantado con el pedido que te hice para mi madre y fue un magnifico regalo para ella. Le gusto mucho. El motivo de escribirte es para reconocerte que eres una gran profesional y que en todo momento has atendido perfectamente mi pedido. Antes de esto yo no estaba muy seguro de realizar compras por internet, pero ahora veo que con empresas serias y profesionales como tu es muy fiable. Gracias por hacer posible la ilusion de mi madre.

emilaron04 writes:
...WOW! I have never had such a fast response time... The great price, attractive [Name a Star™] portfolio, and no hassle ordering was just a perk!

mkhrauch writes:
... What a wonderful job you do [naming stars] and what a great presentation [Name a Star™ Portfolio] you put together and sent out.  ... I can’t say enough great things – this is just absolutely great!  Thank you so very much!

turtle writes:
...amazing company [Name a Star™], with fantastic customer service and a perfect gift.

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